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Asian Massage Therapist For Marathoners


If you're training for a marathon this winter, staying healthy can mean the difference between chasing down your goals and watching them stay out of reach. Asian massage therapist appointments can help speed up your recovery and keep you running toward your marathon goals.

Here are a few of the ways that Asian massage therapy treatments can help marathoners stay healthier during training.

Cupping and Acupuncture

One of the benefits of choosing an Asian massage therapist over traditional massage therapy providers is the blending of modern and ancient modalities.

Inflammation Busting

One of the most common side effects of marathon training is persistent inflammation. One of the ways that an Asian massage therapy appointment can help you battle inflammation is with an ancient technique called cupping. Traditional cupping involves using an open flame to heat glass cups, which creates natural suction. This suction allows your massage therapist to affix the cups to areas of the body where inflammation builds. By using suction on these areas of inflammation, your Asian massage therapist can pull apart layers of skin, which can trigger blood flow and natural anti-inflammatory from your body. Although cupping will leave seemingly alarming bruises, it's a painless practice that dates back thousands of years.

Necessary Needling

Another common Asian massage therapy technique for relieving neuromuscular and nerve issues is dry needling. Although sticking needles into your body might seem painful, your massage therapist will likely have the needles in your body before you even realize it. The science behind acupuncture and dry needling dates back thousands of years. However, the best Asian massage therapy providers have some clever tricks to improve the practice. For instance, electronic pulses, known as "e-stim", can be sent through the needles to cause your muscles to gently contract and relax. This additional stimulation can be the key to tackling problematic muscle pain associated with training for a marathon.

Trigger Points and Deep Tissue

Asian massage therapy focuses on a holistic approach to healing and pain management. For marathoners, this means treating the whole body, not just the areas that hurt.

  • Reflexive: Your Asian massage therapist is likely to include reflexive manipulation during your sessions. This might mean focusing on areas of your body like your hands or ears to address tension found elsewhere in the body.
  • Going Deep: Asian massage therapy appointments can also deliver similar treatments marathoners need. This means deep tissue massage to break up scar tissue and promote blood flow.

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3 December 2021