Massage: For Comfort and Healing

When most people think of massage, they think of an indulgent experience that you undergo when you want to relax. This is certainly not incorrect. Massages can be very relaxing, and they do make you feel pampered. But they can do a lot more than that. Massages can help heal sore and injured muscles, and they can alleviate stress, which helps fight a huge array of ailments, from insomnia to poor digestion. The more you learn about massage and its benefits, the more amazing it becomes. Start learning by reading some of the many massage-related articles here on our website.

Pregnant? How A Pregnancy Massage Can Help


Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it may also be one of the most difficult. With many women suffering from things like morning sickness or the inability to sleep at night, pregnancy can take the ultimate physical toll on your body, which can make you feel like you will never make it through the entire 9 months. Luckily, there are things like pregnancy massages that can help you find some comfort and relaxation as your baby continues to grow so that you can hopefully sit back and enjoy the process a little bit more. 

When Can You Get a Pregnancy Massage? 

A pregnancy massage or a prenatal massage is a type of massage that can be done on women past the second trimester. During the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is higher, it's typically advised to avoid massage because it can release certain lactic acids into the body which may affect the pregnancy. However, during your second trimester and third trimester, you can get a pregnancy massage as often as you want. 

How Do You Lay On Your Stomach? 

If you have had a massage before then you know that you typically lay on your stomach so that a masseuse can have access to your back. However, when you're pregnant, it's basically impossible to lay on your stomach. Your massage therapist will use one or both of the following techniques: 

  • Pregnancy Pillow

Some massage therapists have what is called a pregnancy massage pillow. This type of pillow is really elevated and has a cutout in the center of it to hold your belly. This will allow you and your growing bump to safely lay on your stomach while you are being supported. Essentially, it's a giant foam block that you lay on with a cutout in the middle. 

  • Lay On Your Back

If your massage therapist doesn't have one of these pillows, they may just bolster you up (so that you're not lying flat) and then work on your back while you're lying on this. By placing their hands under your body, they can access a lot of the same muscles without you having to lay on your stomach. 

Your pregnancy massage can help you to soften up tense muscles and get some of the relaxation that you need. To learn more about pregnancy massages or to book yours, reach out to a massage therapist near you. 


15 March 2021