Massage: For Comfort and Healing

When most people think of massage, they think of an indulgent experience that you undergo when you want to relax. This is certainly not incorrect. Massages can be very relaxing, and they do make you feel pampered. But they can do a lot more than that. Massages can help heal sore and injured muscles, and they can alleviate stress, which helps fight a huge array of ailments, from insomnia to poor digestion. The more you learn about massage and its benefits, the more amazing it becomes. Start learning by reading some of the many massage-related articles here on our website.

The Many Benefits Of Thai Massage


Most nationalities have their own versions of massage that have become common over the years. The form of massage native to Thailand is one that has spread across the globe in recent years, largely because of its unique style and benefits. During a Thai massage, you are fully clothed. The practitioner uses their hands and arms on your body, but they also move and manipulate your body as they do so. What are the benefits of this style of massage? Take a look.

Increased Energy

One of the goals of Thai massage is to open up the channels that energy flows through in the body. Your practitioner will do this by positioning your body in certain ways to line up these channels and then using long, powerful strokes to push the energy down and along those lines. After the massage, you may not feel like you want to go run 10 miles, but you will feel like any draining, low-energy feelings have left your body and like you are finally able to focus without feeling fatigued. Activities that you complete will seem to take less out of you.

Improved Circulation

The unique combination of stretching and rubbing used on Thai massage helps increase circulation, especially to the body's more peripheral tissues, such as those in the feet and hands. Although the practitioner may not spend much time actually touching your feet and hands, all of the work they do stretching and rubbing your arms and legs helps open the blood vessels in those areas so blood can better flow to your feet and hands. If your feet and hands often get cold or swollen due to poor circulation, Thai massage is a great treatment to explore.

Increased Range of Motion

Stretching on your own is difficult. It is hard to know how far you can stretch and when to push yourself. Through a Thai massage, your practitioner can guide you in really stretching out your muscles. They'll find sticking points — muscles that are tight and keeping you from stretching any further — and they'll work on those particular muscles to increase your flexibility. This, in turn, will help increase your range of motion so you can perform better in the gym, excel in sports, or even just avoid injuries when walking your dog.

Thai massage is a very unique and versatile style of massage. Give it a try, and enjoy these benefits for yourself.


2 February 2021