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The 411 On Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The lymphatic system is essentially the body's sewage system. Waste products are transported through the lymphatic system and dispelled from the body via urination. Maintaining your lymphatic system is important if you want to detoxify your body and reduce bloat.

One of the tools that you can use to care for your body's sewage system is lymphatic drainage massage.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Everyone knows that a massage can be relaxing, but a lymphatic massage can do more than just put you at ease. This type of massage specifically targets the fluids that are within the lymphatic system.

Specialized hand movements and pressure are used to stimulate the flow of these fluids throughout the body. By manually creating movement in the lymph channels throughout your body, you can more effectively get rid of waste that has built up within the lymph system over time.

What Benefits Are Associated With Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The manual stimulation of your body's lymphatic system can offer a number of benefits to improve your overall health. When fluids are moving through the lymph system properly, waste can be transported to the kidneys for elimination. This prevents toxicity within the body that can lead to bloating, illness, and disease.

Muscle pain can also be alleviated through lymphatic drainage massage. You will find that your immune system is better able to fight off bacteria buildup in your body and that you are more capable of absorbing the nutrients through your digestive system when you take the time to maintain your lymphatic system with regular drainage massages.

How Can the Effects of Lymphatic Drainage Massage be Maximized?

There are some simple things that you can do to help maximize the results you are able to achieve with regular lymphatic drainage massages.

You should ensure that you are consuming plenty of water prior to your massage appointment. Having ample amounts of water in the body will make it easier for your massage therapist to stimulate the movement of fluids through your lymph system.

You should also avoid the consumption of food before your massage if you want to maximize your results.

Be sure to drink a lot of water after the massage as well, since you will likely see an increase in urination as your lymphatic system flushes itself in response to the manual stimulation offered during a drainage massage.

A lymphatic drainage massage can offer immediate and visible results when it comes to reducing bloat, fluid buildup, and body contouring. Ask your massage therapist about using massage to care for your lymphatic system in the future.

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12 March 2020